The Forest School emerges from the community and for the community. A group of families and educators create this learning community in 2017 open to all the people who want to be part of it. All families are welcome as well as people who want to be part of the project offering their time and knowledge.

We are currently 5 families in the project and we want to reach a minimum of 8 families. If you want to get to know the project, you can come with your children to spend a day. Contact us! It is a project created by all the participants so we adapt to the needs of each family, tell us!

We have a two accompanying educators who alternate depending on which day of the week. There is also normally a voluntary adult.

Maria Simões has been accompanying the Bosque-Escola project since its creation, in November 2017. Founder of Descalças Cultural Cooperative, brincologa (brincologa e uma palavra inventada pela Maria), clown, multiartist and educator. Tree planter and companion of a donkey named Corica. She studied Psychology in Coimbra and in the Azores (where she lived a beautiful decade of life) and also studied Creativity and Innovation in Santiago de Compostela. She has a warm heartand is usually singing and laughing! She is granddaughter of Castelo de Vide and believes in fairies and goblins.

She accompanies the Forest-school project because she believes that educating is one of the most effective ways to change the world.