Quinta das Avelãs

The space that houses the Bosque Escola Avelãs is the Quinta das Avelãs, granted by the municipality of Marvão to the Cooperativa Descalças. Located in Portagem in the heart of the municipality of Marvão, district of Portalegre, it is an area of great environmental and ecological wealth.

The Quinta has about 8 hectares with a wide variety of flora and fauna native to the region where it is located, where you can find hazel trees, pine trees, cork oaks, fruit trees, olive trees, as well as three water sources and a tank suitable for swimming in summer, several shelters, a kitchen-room, bathrooms and a parking area. Seasonally, the space is shared with flocks of sheep, goats and some horses that take advantage of the abundance of food and simultaneously contribute to the maintenance of the space.

This is a collective, self-managed meeting space, without any institutional support, which is maintained thanks to voluntary work and donations. It is a space open to receive activities related to education, art and ecology. Here, projects such as the Bosque Escola, Terra d’Amor Humor, the social canteen, the community vegetable garden, coworking and regular activities such as shows and workshops operate daily.

The surrounding area is also characterised by several sites with potential for the project in question, such as: the Sever river and the São Mamede mountain range and the Sapoio mountain range.